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  • My insurance approved me for a repair (or denial), is there a way to get the full approval?"
    Yes! Most homeowners make an insurance claim and have ZERO representation. You wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer would you? We provide services for insurance claims and work with Public Adjusters in order answer questions and calls from the insurance, handle adjuster meetings and make the insurance process seamless for our clients. Contact us for more.
  • How long does it take to install a roof on my home?
    In most residential cases, only one day! We have crews big enough for any size job and we are dedicated to providing our services in a timely manner for residential and commercial projects.
  • Do you install all the code items on the roof?
    Yes, we install a complete roofing system that includes code items such as drip edge/gutter apron. We also install up to date ventilation with our ridge vent and ridge cap shingles in order properly give your home the protection it needs. (Codes items and ridge cap shingles will be installed with qualifying roofing jobs)
  • Do you provide a warranty?
    Yes, we have warranties from 12-50 years depending on the roofing system selected, some are even transferable. Contact us for more.
  • Do you only install asphalt shingles?
    No, we also provide metal roofing and liquid roofing solutions for most flat roofs or commercial buildings. Contact us, in order to find out which roofing system provides the best protection for your property.
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